Long-form pieces I'm working on, respective titles undetermined, each at various stages of completion.
  • Anthropology of the Fall; Transfiguration and the Parousia
  • Orthodoxy and Gender
  • Iconography and the Anglican Priesthood (cf.) in the Divine Liturgy.
  • Vision for catholic Anglican ministry in the 21st century. (cf. Catholic Futures, by Bp Win Mott)
  • Romanticism and the Mind of the Church (phronema)
Mid/Short pieces
  • Culture, Critical Theory, and Evangelical Apostasy
  • Apocatastasis; Prayers for the dead, toll houses, and the Quinisext Council. (Against universalism)
Extended research projects (by author)
  • George MacDonald
  • Philip Sherrard and Paul Evdokimov
  • Met Hierotheos, Stephen Muse, Jean Claude Larchet

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